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W. A. Mozart - Don Giovanni

The library and the archive of the Prague Conservatory is one of the richest of its kind in Middle Europe. It is unique for its collection of 19th century documents, but it also contains unique items dating back to even earlier periods. The activity of this highly specialized library ranges from obtaining musical publications and documents, cataloging them, and making them accessible to users—both in printed and electronic form—to providing research services and preserving sheet music. It's academic activity is focused on cataloging Czech as well as foreign sheet music and, by gradually transferring data into electronic databases, on making the items widely accessible to scholars and laymen alike.

B. Smetana

The library holds a large amount of sheet music to be checked out not only by the students and teachers of the conservatory, but also by the wider musical community. The collections of historical pieces of sheet music is serving more and more the purposes of local as well as international researchers. Scores, piano transcripts of operas, choir sheet music, and even sheet music and music course books for particular instruments, etudes, chamber sheet music and other items may be checked out.

The library also contains books on music. Those range from textbooks on harmony and counterpoint to books on instruments, music history, and encyclopedias. Recent publications as well as 19th century publications may be found here, in Czech and world languages alike.

A. Dvořák

The library and the archive hold a large collection of old manuscripts, sign manuals and prints of a variety of music genres. One can find here pedagogical pieces, symphonies, chamber music pieces, operas and sacral music, and even contemporary works. As part of this collection there is also a large number of audio recordings—vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, phonograph reels and others. Furthermore, the archive also contains a rare collections of letters, primarily of famous personalities (Dvořák, Janáček, Kubelík, or to name some of the foreign ones, e.g. Wagner, Liszt, Spohr, and others).

The library collections are being processed to gradually transfer the records into an internet-based electronic system. As a result of this, users can search the library collections via the Internet.

Users of the Prague Conservatory Library might also be interested in being able to view rare historical documents online. With the aid of the Memoria Project ( in the Manuscriptorium database, they can view a digitized version of the rare manuscript of the score and the piano transcript of W.A. Mozart's opera Don Giovanni, which belongs to the collections of the library.

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